Alex Primm and Cathy Primm

Recorded May 15, 2022 Archived May 15, 2022 37:24 minutes
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Spouses, Alex Primm [no age given] and Cathy Primm (75) discuss Alex's experience in Vietnam, how it informed his later work, and their life together.

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C and A share about their childhood and college memories. A speaks about attending college at the start of the Vietnam War.
A speaks about allowing himself to be drafted, his basic training experiences, and working as a military journalist in Vietnam.
A talks about returning home after Vietnam, going to Stanford, and getting involved in activism work with Block Partnership in St. Louis.
A reflects on joining Vietnam Vets Against the War after the Kent State Massacre, and his later involvement with the Winter Soldier Investigation and D.C. Veterans march.
A reflects on how his views have changed over the years, becoming a Quaker, and the importance of non-violence in his life.
A and C discuss their recent trip to Vietnam with the Veterans Vietnam Restoration Project and reflect on particularly poignant moments such as their BBQ with Viet Cong veterans.
A shares his appreciation for Chinese language and culture.
A talks about his love of growing and cooking with okra.
A and C reflect on their experience as foster parents and the importance of encouraging open-mindedness and education.
A and C discuss their trips to China and the importance of international understanding.
A and C talk about how they would like to be remembered.


  • Alex Primm
  • Cathy Primm

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