Alexa Saunders and Michelle Ferguson

Recorded July 25, 2022 Archived July 25, 2022 52:38 minutes
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One Small Step partners Michelle Ferguson (38) and Alexa Saunders (75) talk about their different upbringings, politics, and literature.

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AS asks MF how her different cultures influenced her political views. MF shares how the transition from living in Hong Kong to the US was difficult for her.
AS and MF talk about their pets, and AS's farm animals.
AS shares that the most influential person in her life has been her husband, who taught her patience. MF shares how her Ama, who was her nanny until she left Hong Kong, has been the most influential person in her life.
AS shares that she believes in the rule of law, and that it applies to all people.
MF talks about changes in generations and how they discipline their children.
AS describes her unique stance on politics and how she fluctuates between conservative or liberal ideas.
AS talks about living in a rural, conservative area. MF asks about political dynamics and what is life like for women.
MF talks about banning books and the problems that brings to education.


  • Alexa Saunders
  • Michelle Ferguson

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