Alicia Jackson and Pep Conley

Recorded October 29, 2021 Archived October 29, 2021 22:30 minutes
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Significant others, Alicia Jackson (49) and Pep Conley (54), share a conversation about the lessons they have learned in life, trust, honesty, relationships, and about their lives growing up.

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PC and AJ talk about some of the most important lessons they have each learned in life.
AJ and PC talk about trust and about how trust functions differently in different relationships.
AJ and PC discuss the idea that opposites attract and talk about what that idea means in different contexts.
AJ and PC talk about compromises in relationships.
AJ and PC talk about finding common ground with other people and about different interests that people have.
PC and AJ remember the first time they met.
AJ talks about undergoing surgery and the support she received from PC.
AJ and PC talk about each of their families and their upbringings.


  • Alicia Jackson
  • Pep Conley

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Columbus Public Library