Alison Benders and Margaret [No Name Given]

Recorded October 31, 2022 Archived October 31, 2022 39:08 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Alison Benders (65) and Margaret [No Name Given] (65) talk about their Catholic upbringings and their experiences with religion in adulthood. They reflect on what pilgrimage, faith, and community have meant to them.

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Alison and Margaret talk about their upbringings and their paths to the Catholic Church.
Margaret talks about community and the culture of discipline in her Catholic upbringing.
Margaret and Alison talk about the parishes in which they grew up.
Alison and Margaret reflect on finding a multi-racial faith community as adults.
Alison and Margaret talk about working at Santa Clara University and reflect on how it has impacted their relationship to faith and Catholicism.
They talk about pilgrimage and what it means to them. They reflect on the connections between religious pilgrimage and the Civil Rights Movement.
They talk about their internal prayer lives.
Alison and Margaret talk about how they have found connection in moments of injustice and tragedy that have challenged their faith.
They reflect on their friendship and their conversation.


  • Alison Benders
  • Margaret [No Name Given]

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Ignatian Center for Justice at Santa Clara University

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