“All conservation is local so, getting involved at a local scale, you’re much more likely to see results.” An interview with Stuart Weiss

Recorded August 1, 2019 Archived August 1, 2019 15:23 minutes
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“When you find yourself climbing San Bruno Mountain just south of San Francisco with a butterfly net collecting mission blue butterflies to repopulate on Earth Day, it doesn't get better than this.” Stuart Weiss is passionate about conservation ecology. He’s the chief scientist of the Creek Side Center for Earth Observation, a small consulting firm, and is his own boss. After working in labs and academia for some time, he decided to work for himself and spend his time doing fieldwork. He’s proud of the impact his work has had in trying to stem the tide of environment degradation, and he has enjoyed presenting that work to other scientists at AGU Fall Meeting for the last 16 years. (Recorded 12 December 2018)


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