Alton Clark Sr. and Jacqueline Davis

Recorded December 10, 2022 Archived December 10, 2022 34:17 minutes
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Good friends Alton Clark Sr. (81) and Jacqueline Davis (57) discuss Alton's life and the course of his military career, spanning 23 years from 1961 - 1984.

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Alton Clark Sr. (AC) describes his background growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana and his family.
AC talks about deciding to join the Army in 1961.
AC remembers doing his basic combat training at Fort Hood.
AC describes his first assignment at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, where he worked in the hospital doing patient administration and as an ambulance driver.
AC reflects on getting promoted to Sergeant E5 in his first 18 months.
AC talks about receiving orders to go to Vietnam in 1970, where he continued to work in patient administration.
Jacqueline Davis (JD) asks AC about problems on tour - he talks about drug addiction among soldiers.
AC remembers receiving a bronze star in Vietnam for his service, particularly in the medical field.


  • Alton Clark Sr.
  • Jacqueline Davis

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