Alton Walpole and David Bishop

Recorded April 7, 2023 Archived April 7, 2023 37:39 minutes
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Alton Walpole (76) speaks with friend and former colleague David Bishop (50) about his upbringing, his life experiences, and his film career.

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A and D discuss their relationship and experiences in the film industry.
A shares about his upbringing and family.
A speaks about his early education and college years. He recounts the violence of the National Guard against student protestors at the University of New Mexico. He reflects on his encounters with the draft board.
A describes his career in film. A and D discuss what makes for a good film.
A reflects on the skills that helped him in his career and reflects on retirement.
A and D discuss the importance of collaboration and authenticity in film and life. A shares how he would like to be remembered.


  • Alton Walpole
  • David Bishop

Recording Locations

Albuquerque Museum