"Always remember that we professors are all smart, but what will set you apart is being kind.” an interview with Rafael Loureiro

Recorded July 9, 2019 Archived July 9, 2019 21:26 minutes
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Rafael Loureiro may confess to being an introvert, but he has no fear of people. He started off talking about AGU’s Voices of Science bootcamp, which he is participating in this year to develop his spokesperson skills. That segued into his personal philosophy going back to his upbringing and study in Brazil. What makes a scientist a scientist, in Rafael’s view, is their commitment to serving people and connecting to them in personal, meaningful ways. After a challenging transition to the US, where he had no network, he landed a job and taught his first class. He now passes on challenges to his students at Winston-Salem State U. First class taught in USA: teaching completely different culture, and different teaching modes - pass on content in the best way possible, getting to know students, understanding their needs, knowing students on a personal level. (Recorded 14 December 2018)


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