Alyse Ornelas and Becky Anderson Stolp

Recorded February 22, 2020 Archived February 22, 2020 38:14 minutes
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Alyse Ornelas (31) and her mother Becky Anderson Stolp (66) talk about Alyse's abrupt need for a heart transplant when Alyse was 29. Together, they look back on the better part of a year that they spent in the hospital, how hard it was for Alyse to be without her then two-year-old daughter Emily, and the organ donor guilt that Alyse often feels knowing that for her to live, someone else had to pass on. Together, they talk about Alyse's consistently positive outlook on life and how that helped her get through her transplant.

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AO describes not feeling well, calling in sick to work and BAS describes talking to AO a few days prior and AO saying her left shoulder was painful and that AO had trouble breathing.
AO remembers two moments of clarity: seeing her OBGYN and knowing she had lost her son at 6 months pregnant and seeing helicopter doors, then she says she experienced five days of nothing.
BAS describes finding out AO needed a heart transplant.
AO describes taking her daughter on an approved trip once she was stable enough from the hospital on her daughter's birthday but how hard it was with the LVAD.
AO describes getting "the call" that there was potentially a heart available but that there are lots of complications with organ donation, such as not being a match.
AO describes her donor guilt, what she knows about her donor, and that he was younger than her but that they nearly share a birthday, off by one day.
AO describes how her life has changed, loss of marriage, loss of stillborn baby.
BAS says AO was born happy, and that attitude and outlook helped the doctors and everyone love her while she was in the hospital.


  • Alyse Ornelas
  • Becky Anderson Stolp

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