Ambassador Dr. Sharron J. Brown"How I found the power of my voice"

Recorded June 16, 2021 Archived June 16, 2021 36:10 minutes
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In this interview, conducted on June 15, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. LC Myles Jr. (73) interviews his wife Ambassador Dr. Sharron J. Brown (51) about her childhood in the city of Memphis and her journey though Human Trafficking. She also talks about some of her great time in the summer with her cousins Lee and Jackie going to the skating, and she spoke of the worst times she could remember. When her 1st grade her teacher would make her read in front of the class. At the end of the discussion, Dr. Brown shared her wished for the further of change.


  • L C Myles
  • Amb. Dr. Sharron Brown

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