Amber Christ and Teresa Nguyen

Recorded July 17, 2023 Archived July 17, 2023 36:33 minutes
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Research collaborators Amber Christ (43) and Teresa Nguyen (35) talk about their personal paths to aging and disability advocacy, respectively, and their current collaboration to intersect the two fields into one research study. They also share how these topics relate to ageism, racism, ableism and misogyny and what they hope for the future of their work.

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Amber Christ (A) talks about when she knew she wanted to focus on healthcare equity.
Teresa Nguyen (T) shares that she has known her entire life that she wanted to focus on health care equity. She is part of the disability community and her parents are from Vietnam, so she wanted to help marginalized communities. T also shares personal experiences with her family in assisted living.
A talks about her work at Justice in Aging, focusing on economic health for aging people.
T cites an important court decision for disability care and how it fits in the story of her partnership with Justice in Aging.
Participants share the purpose and plan of their research project together and their specific emphasis on getting the voices of those with relevant lived experiences to inform their research.
A shares how Alzheimers and dementia will likely impact most people somehow and how these illnesses intersect with gender and race constructs.
A shares what gives her hope for the future of this work and T shares what she hopes is accomplished in the next 5 years within this field.


  • Amber Christ
  • Teresa Nguyen

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