Ameria Alleyne and Keron Alleyne

Recorded May 19, 2023 Archived May 19, 2023 39:32 minutes
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Keron Alleyne (32) interviews his wife, Ameria Alleyne (36), about her childhood and how she creates connections and community.

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Ameria (A) remembers her favorite activities as a kid, and considers the importance of imagination throughout her life.
A discusses how being a first-generation American with Trinidadian parents shaped her understanding of culture.
A shares what home means to her, and shares the routines that help her feel connected with her family.
A and Keron (K) talk about their son and how he is similar to them both.
A and K discuss what it means to be a part of a community, and what it means to leave or transition out of community.
A talks about how her family brings her a sense of belonging.
A discusses community, feeling excluded, and friendship.
A offers guidance on how to find community by sharing your authentic story.


  • Ameria Alleyne
  • Keron Alleyne

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