Amy Richard and Alyse Nelson

Recorded June 10, 2021 Archived June 9, 2021 45:39 minutes
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Amy Richard (55) talks with her friend and colleague Alyse Nelson (47) about the evolution of her work in anti-trafficking. She recalls her work in the early 90s conducting interviews with human trafficking survivors through a fellowship, and explains how that led to her leading a task force on trafficking in persons and continuing the work to the present day.

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Amy traces back to the early '90s when her career in anti-trafficking began.
Amy talks about the term "trafficking in persons."
Amy discusses her initial research on human trafficking and the pushback she received from her colleagues. She recalls interviewing survivors through her fellowship.
Alyse explains how the framing of human trafficking as a security issue allowed it to gain traction and support.
Amy talks about the intelligence monograph (research) she finished towards the end of 1999 and how it led to her being in charge of developing a task force in 2001.
Amy talks about human trafficking as a bipartisan issue and how she sees that as an asset to its success in gaining support. She talks about the importance of including survivors in the work.
Amy talks about her quaker, anti-slavery, abolitionist ancestors and how it influences her work today.
Amy talks about how she derives inspiration from other survivors.
Amy talks about reasons she chooses to stay involved with anti-trafficking work.


  • Amy Richard
  • Alyse Nelson

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