An Inspiration

Recorded January 15, 2019 Archived January 15, 2019 04:13 minutes
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A strong woman and an amazing single mom to two kids sadly passed away, but the support around the two kids lead one of them to become a teacher as a thank you to the teachers that once supported him. One day my dad Ben and his brother Adam got the worst call possible. There was no adult at home since their mom was the only parent around so Ben and Adam picked up the phone. At this time Ben was 12 and Adam was 14. The doctors spoke softly as revealing the heartbreaking news that there mother had passed away. As said at 2:40 in the video, the people and teachers at his school greatly supported him and his brother. When Ben was older he realized he wanted to become a teacher so he could be there for kids just like the teachers were there for him many years ago.


  • Benjamin Wegner
  • naomi wegner

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