Sadie Levin and her past teacher Terry Gladstone talk about life influences, lessons and jobs.

Recorded November 26, 2017 Archived November 26, 2017 14:56 minutes
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In this interview, Created on November 26, 2017 in Manhattan Beach, California. Sadie Levin (14) and her past teacher Terry Gladstone discussed many influences that Mrs. Gladstone had in her life what led her to where she is today. We also discussed her family and the lessons her parents gifted her throughout her lifetime. She chose 2 different careers to pursue, including being on the radio and being a teacher. Which is what she has chosen for her main career choice. She explains that in her college education teaching wasn’t a choice so she had to go with being a radio broadcaster.


  • Sadie Levin
  • Terry Gladstone

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