"If you do it persistently and constantly, eventually it will create some sort of change." an interview with Catherine Mushi

Recorded February 12, 2019 Archived February 12, 2019 33:37 minutes
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Catherine Mushi, PhD student studying Water Resources Engineering at the University of Dar es Salaam discusses her work in the Congo River Basin and collaborating with peers both in the field and within the community. She shares her experience as one of the first women professors at her university and the adversity she faced when the students essentially went on strike and petitioned against the possibility of having a “young woman” teaching their class. She continued to teach and shared how those type of obstacles have strengthened her convictions, passion for the science, and desire to inspire other African females including her own daughter. Catherine first shared her story while attending the Congo Basin Chapman in Washington DC. (Recorded 24 January 2019)


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  • Catherine Mushi
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