An Interview with Lennox Naipaul and his experience with the Marvel and DC franchise

Recorded May 4, 2018 Archived May 4, 2018 11:56 minutes
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For my first(and probably only) interview, I interviewed my dad about his experience with both of the DC and Marvel franchises. He had friends that helped introduce him to it and good stores to go to when he wanted to get a comic or a VHS, all when he was younger of course. And he has some very good reasons for why he likes some of the characters, as well as some even greater lessons that he has learned from them that he would like to share with everyone else, as well!!! We love them so much that it can be very hard to choose who is better than who!! It's a little bit longer than 10 mins, but I hope you can still enjoy it.


  • Lennox Naipaul

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