Andrea Ohl and Julia Green

Recorded February 25, 2023 Archived February 25, 2023 39:54 minutes
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Mother and daughter Andrea “Ann” Ohl (81) and Julia Green (53) share a conversation about Ann’s years growing up in Iowa, her love of archaeology, and her experience building a house in West Texas. Julia also talks about her career path and how her life changed after contracting COVID-19 in 2020 and now dealing with long COVID.

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Ann Ohl (AO) talks about being born in Iowa, the only of her siblings born in a hospital.
Julia Green (JG) asks AO when she left the farm in Iowa.
AO remembers meeting her husband in high school and marrying him at nineteen.
JG asks AO when she became interested in archaeology.
AO talks about accidentally starting to build her house on an archaeological site.
AO talks about the process of building her house.
JG remembers getting COVID-19 in 2020 and reflects on how she deals with long COVID now.
JG describes the moment she realized she might have COVID-19, when she was making raspberry lemon scones for AO's birthday and wasn't able to taste them.


  • Andrea Ohl
  • Julia Green

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The Cactus Farm

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