Andrea Urlich and her Uncle Alexander Urlich talk about the Military life and how it changed his perspective on life.

Recorded December 3, 2018 Archived December 3, 2018 34:02 minutes
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In this interview conducted in December 2018 in Chantilly, Virginia, Andrea Urlich interviews her Uncle Alexander Urlich about his time being in the military and his childhood life . He mainly talks about /describes how life was like in the military and how your own physical fitness played a big part on wether or not you got to stay in the military or not but he also went through a major change in life immagrating from Peru all the way to the US . He also emphasized how hard it was to leave family to go to other bases and serve time there instead of being with his family but if he had a chance to go back to the military now he would .


  • Andrea Urlich
  • Alexander Urlich

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