Andrew Knight and Paul Jeffrey

Recorded December 8, 2022 Archived December 8, 2022 58:28 minutes
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One Small Step partners Andrew Knight (25) and Paul Jeffrey (58) discuss growing up in large families, their evolving religious beliefs, parenting goals, and Paul's negative interactions with the police.

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Partners ask each other why they wanted to participate in One Small Step.
Paul discusses growing up poor in a large family and how that shaped his character.
Partners discuss the difference between growing up without a lot, versus growing up "poor," and the traumatizing effects of that upbringing.
Partners discuss their evolving religious and spiritual views.
Andrew shares his upbringing, his time studying abroad in Morocco, and his relationship with a sibling who has Down Syndrome.
Paul shares his experience in the military in Korea and his volunteer work with international students at UVA.
Andrew shares his experiences as a White person in Morocco. Paul relates to that discomfort as a Black person in Korea.
Paul shares his and his wife's difficulties bearing children and how that shaped his views on abortion.
Partners discuss how their desire as men for many children needs to be balanced with the reality of how much more difficult bearing children is for women. Paul offers marital advice.
Andrew discusses the role organized religion played in his upbringing.
Paul shares two instances of negative interactions with the police and why he left a predominantly white church to attend a predominantly Black church.
Paul shares how the recent racial reckoning in the United States changed his daughter fundamentally.


  • Andrew Knight
  • Paul Jeffrey

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