Andrew Walker and Mordecai Walker

Recorded January 14, 2022 Archived January 14, 2022 39:35 minutes
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Andrew Walker (62) shares a conversation with his father, Mordecai Walker (97), about Mordecai’s experiences growing up in Citrus Park, the different athletes he met, running track while in college, boxing in the Army, and meeting his wife.

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MW talks about going to see Negro League Baseball games when he was growing up and about his brother racing against Jesse Owens.
MW remembers seeing Jackie Robinson play baseball. He also talks about writing an essay about Joe Louis for a contest and winning a chance to see Joe Louis fight.
MW talks about boxing while he was in the Army. He also talks about winning three fights after his opponents forfeited when they saw his warm-up routine.
MW talks about running track when he was in college.
MW remembers swimming while growing up and trying out for the swim team in college.
MW talks about moving to St. Petersburg and about meeting the person who would become his wife.
MW tells the story of a date he went on with his future wife and about what she thought of his attire.
MW talks about the Gas Plant area in St. Petersburg.


  • Andrew Walker
  • Mordecai Walker

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