Angel Enrique Tovar and Julian Martinez

Recorded January 9, 2019 Archived January 9, 2019 42:19 minutes
Id: APP605264


The interview revolves around the life of a Colombian Soldier. It includes experiences from the tasks he had to handle and the achievements he accomplished. The topic about the result of the peace treaty made with the terrorist group called FARC is also talked about. At the beginning of the interview as soon as I introduced the interviewee, the recording app glitched and some content was lost. The missing part had information about the influence his decision he had to join the army amongst his relatives. Furthermore, It had the experiences he had when fighting the FARC in the jungle. He mentioned obstacles like tall trees with long branches that prevented helicopters from coming in to deliver supplies or pick up wounded comrades. Some soldiers perished inside the jungle from injuries before ever getting help. The interviewee mentions how he also helped in the destruction of laboratories used by Cartels. At times the Cartels tried to bribe him but he never succumbed to corruption. As a result, his family was threatened and had to be transferred away from their homes to a safe place.


  • Angel Enrique Tovar
  • Julian Martinez

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