Angelina Chacon-Garcia and Georgette Garcia

Recorded September 11, 2020 Archived September 11, 2020 24:58 minutes
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Mother, Georgette Garcia (61), and her daughter Angelina Chacon-Garcia (31) discuss Georgette's life and their family history.

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GG describes her upbringing in San Pueblo, CA.
GG discusses marriages and child-rearing.
AG asks GG, "If your family was in a movie who would play you and Dad?"
GG talks about how she wants to be remembered, saying, "We're nothing but memories on Earth."


  • Angelina Chacon-Garcia
  • Georgette Garcia

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00:00 I started and when he can take it away off of my name is Angelina Garcia. My age is 31 years old and today is Friday, September 11th, 2020 in Vallejo, California right now and my relationship to my partner is I'm her daughter 7 2020 location Vallejo, California and relationship to

00:32 You is my daughter.

00:39 All right driving right in. Where did you grow up, San Pablo, California? What were your siblings like?

00:54 At eight of them seven of them and they were all different sections because we had the first to have their father's second to has her father in their father. Let me have a brother that was giving away at birth to a sister of my mother's that we knew that he was in our brother. We always knew that but my auntie raised him as her own cuz she couldn't have children.

01:19 I guess my mom's going. Hey, I got you know where all those kids in the house at the same time.

01:29 I was like four five.

01:41 When you were growing up specifically what were your mom and dad like

01:47 Both alcoholics My real father is alcoholic. My stepfather was alcoholic for years. But by the time you were 55 and 60, I think they both quit drinking. So what do you think do you do you attribute anything to why they stopped being alcoholics sleep because my stepdad and when he started losing that she got scared because he would attack or I mean we were there when one instance and we saw what she was talking about that made her quit he quit

02:36 Wowzers. Yeah, what do you remember about your childhood? Like one memory positive negative otherwise doesn't have to be one thing that price sticks out for you as your you know, 61 years old now. I remember sitting in the car on the street and a lady come out with the gun run across the street don't go in there. They want to kill you and I knew my mom and stepdad were in there.

03:05 So we started to get out of the car. We've been sitting in the car for an hour or so, we started and then all of a sudden we go. Start pulling up. Will you jump back in the car who cut down the street down from the bar walk up like three cars so we ran back to the car. Tommy comes out with my stepdad blood all over his face damos is taken at another guy. His face is wrapped up.

03:29 My mom comes out. She's got blood on her all over things. She takes us home and go to the hospital comes back because her whole breast would be Tommy at almost killed a man. She tried to stop him and you know, his hand was and I didn't use his feet he gave his I like a hundred stitches in his face that an a restriction the guy did Tommy die and they couldn't stop him with hot grease see a third-degree Burns a busted over his head. He was so bloody cuz they were trying to stop him from killing the man in my mom. She provoked the whole chest was black and blue from kicking her trying to cheat. Let me grab his feet, you know, it was me Jenny Jimmy a kid named Johnny to give her neighbor.

04:28 Taking away from your parents experience. I'm interested in in just you as a kid. How would you describe yourself as a kid?

04:37 Oh, I don't know.

04:42 Introvert to make friends easy, but seem like people make friends with me easy two kids try to make friends with them name.

04:56 Just saying that my brother had older siblings. So it was kind of they were cool on my older siblings were cool. So maybe that's it. She's one of them too.

05:11 Did you like school do you think you like remember liking School?

05:19 Do not not because teachers I realized I was wearing holy shoes. I realized I felt embarrassed a lot of high school Harley went through high school when I went. Oh wow.

05:50 What kind of?

05:52 Student were you

05:55 When you are in school, and did you ever have like aspiration to go to college and what were your like idea what was going to happen after you just you know, the matter go get some a little job and I never thought I never thought I could get a job.

06:21 So what do you think Grandma wanted me to do?

06:25 Oh, she was great with us getting pregnant having kids and don't you know, I got you said that was her saying and why wouldn't they did for us even with a Community College full-time? I never talk about it. Never do you I mean still kind of thinking about school. Did you ever had a teacher like who stood out like a teacher that was just extra interested in you or you like I did there was one that was I was always being funny member in the shorts. We thought we was always getting kicked out in his class and stuff in the last time the teacher sent. This girl is just ignorant cheese.

07:25 And he was molested is a you don't every walk me back to her, you know, ever sell Heating and anything like that about any student. You're not stupid spelling bee people think used to eat. I mean, he just kind of I don't know. It was a good banducci. The council told me I wasn't stupid and I don't let any teacher ever say that to you and I've been told that even though you know, it's sad. Going to try to be funny looking to join up fast-forwarding a little bit.

08:18 Well, not too much after reaching high, but when did you meet Dad? How did you meet him? Cuz you were in high school right or Robert the corner and he was always and

08:30 I asked him who he was and he said it was my brother. So you my dad.

08:46 The neighborhood park nice nice and thought it was someone's brother but ended up being a brother-in-law and then days later years is aromantic.

09:18 343 years. What advice do you have for young couples?

09:42 Yeah.

09:43 The girl have to sign your birth certificate because you're younger than 18 would be together and you just don't see people staying together anymore because God damn sad because we all know those kids are the ones that are suffering. I've watched grandkids of mine suffer because of the split of a family tree.

10:21 Do you know who they are really with or what? You know who this guy was? What are ya what did you think you were going to do? You want more kids and what it about family? What did you think was going to happen? And do you remember like being a young 40-something year-old with three kids? I mean, no I didn't want anymore. But your dad wanted a boy. And so I thought that's it.

11:15 Thinking about just Family Life happening. What are some what is one at least Classic Family story or joke, and it could be bad dad story cuz I'm thinking like, you know Dad's been a lot of interesting thing is we're making fun of it. It's it's it's out of love. He don't do that guys do Silly Billy. You know, you think my wife is just a stupid.

12:15 You know what? I mean?

12:22 Yeah, I would say that. I have some things and stuff. So that's probably why I think that we make fun of each other in all the time. We all do it. Like that's probably what we've taken and it makes sense if that's what got you through your entire Adolescence in childhood. And now it just manifest when you're older, I laughing is a big thing is like Josh

13:01 Okay, okay learning a lot which this is kind of a fire question. But if you could interview someone who's not a celebrity, who would it be?

13:13 Oh, I don't know my mom. I guess, you know, I would say my mom just cuz we had unfinished stuff and then one who is my brother's real dad bones. Everybody wants to know nobody that when her mother died. She went back to Nebraska and her and Lolly are on the phone while he's in my living in my mom.

13:56 And she's telling her somebody on the phone like oh my God. Yeah. I don't know what happened. They said they saw somebody driving away and they took the Bible and the by the Bible has my grandmother's updated will in it.

14:20 Right before my mom's dying maybe five years for years before she told me she's got it.

14:25 So when that initially happen when you heard your mom and Lolly talk me. How old are you?

14:30 30s 40s and 50s with this is the Bible that you talked about over 35 years ago that was stolen out of your mom's house and it doesn't say anything and I knew you know, there's something there, you know, so I could call you know, there are people from Nebraska.

15:10 I know but it's the only that person up in there. You need to take it.

15:26 I will take it and I hope to nuts feel it. I mean the second question I have is more fun that day. But it's the kind of fun or questions is like if you your family was in a movie who would play you and Dad I would have machete but your daddy interesting and then me it's got to be some red Freckle faced Reba. There's something okay. First of all, the idea of Machete and Reba McEntire being in a relationship is very funny. So, I mean, I definitely think you're aiming towards my life would be

16:25 Is there anything that you never told me but want to tell me?

16:31 Things that I never told you

16:36 Well, I'm pretty open. I'm never trying to hide anything. You mean everything that's happened between our lives you guys know about anything. We cry did you know his parents and I did I grew up with drug and heroin addicts that they was parked and I kept saying I don't want to be be like cuckoo in Jessie and all the guys that are on heroin.

17:17 Cuz you watched and learned. Yeah, but then and when she's in her 35 years old, she goes and tries heroin. I'm thinking, you know, I've been to watch and learn.

17:27 It doesn't always happen when you get depressed and you know, she felt sorry for her life. And I don't know God for me. Well with me, let me try heroin. I've been really that's how it goes. And that's how it goes. When you start giving up on life you start doing all kinds of drugs and don't care and this you know what happens. I mean, I just watched yeah even going up with older siblings and you know Trainor with lyrics family. I don't want that, you know what the team but I definitely know and you don't get to try heroin.

18:23 No matter how persuasive you are no matter what your friend group.

18:35 Thinking about Jenny just because you said that is there anything?

18:41 What's the thing that you miss most about your?

18:45 Watch that.

18:47 I think just true.

18:49 Like she still has a child like I believe I believe in things will still be optimistic. But like I said, like you said was almost because the world is crumbling around her and she still has you know, having a different relationship not as intimate as yours, you know, obviously barely ever on their action. I think I kind of like attitude if there's anything that you could say to her now that it's been a week still fresh.

19:34 Several weeks

19:45 I don't know.

19:55 What I didn't get to see her for the last four months because of Kobe.

20:06 We have time before having her back in California for the last year-and-a-half was kind of nice to know you do just for you to be able to see her Bridal weekly appointment appointment.

20:44 The time you get to talk in the car and then waiting for the appointment while she's getting chemo you just to get to talk less upset about her desk. Yeah, just now she's not here, but I'm not upset that you know, that's the way it is on this when you know if I'm going to be

21:18 How would you how did how did you know dealing with death more than ever, you know kind of in the last for sure decade of your life. How does that affect how you want to be remembered or how you want to go?

21:29 He thought about no, I mean I mean because you become pictures.

21:37 And memories and then you finally Fade Out.

21:41 Somebody control that picture where that you love that your mother and I know that I know that now so it's like we're nothing but memories and we're just nothing but memories and photos to people and then eventually those memory photos get thrown away by Generation generation do not know where those photos but now I realize that what do I want them to remember? What does it matter? Because you may remember it then you pass it on to see stories. We passed it on to Toronto.

22:41 What would you say if I mean my family my family? Cuz I got we have a lot of cousins. Do you guys know any hardly any family reunions? What about family that you feel like is the most important like just having it like what helping each other like having that you have a backup as long as my mom was afraid of what you just know yet. You know me. There's always room there any money.

23:41 You know, nothing happened interesting.

24:00 Your grandson's already said about it. I think that's those are all my questions. I don't know if there's no your. Make me laugh and everything.

24:22 You have to tell the lady her name is Courtney mom.

24:35 Fart

24:40 Why didn't you ask think that I appreciate you doing something that you were nervous about and hopefully somebody.