Anita Rodriguez and Naomi Love

Recorded March 16, 2023 Archived March 16, 2023 31:34 minutes
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Anita Rodriguez (82) shares the stories of her life with her conversation partner Naomi Love (27), reflecting on age, art, and her activism. Anita also speaks about the dynamics of race, racism, and culture, particularly through the lens of growing up in Taos, New Mexico.

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Anita Rodriguez (AR) talks about what she was like during her childhood.
AR reflects on how methods of dividing land and designing space in the United States can lead to alienation.
AR describes her present self and her appreciation for aging.
AR talks about how her family is being pushed out of the Taos area after centuries due to increases in the cost of land.
AR reflects on her experience of being born into a mixed-race identity.
AR remembers going back to California with her daughter and working on salmon boats to make enough money to rebuild her life in Taos.
AR remembers starting to read Spanish literature and opening up new doors for herself while living in Mexico, particularly after growing up in a culture where kids were beaten for speaking Spanish at school.
AR describes her "fight."


  • Anita Rodriguez
  • Naomi Love

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Taos Public Library

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