Ankit Jain and his Mother Rashmi Gupta talk about the lessons she’s learned in life.

Recorded November 30, 2017 Archived November 30, 2017 13:31 minutes
Id: APP428137


In this interview, conducted on Thanksgiving 2017 in Albertson, New York, Ankit Jain (16) interviews his mother Rashmi Gupta (52) about the lessons she learned while growing up in India and moving to America. Mrs. Gupta shares stories about playing Badminton on the regional team and explains how she would like to be remembered in the context of the lessons she’s learned. She also mentions her professional and personal accomplishments that forced her to learn important life lessons such as responsibility and prioritization. Towards the end, Mrs. Gupta talks about how our culture impacts our legacy and how moving to America has allowed for our family to celebrate new holidays and grow closer together as a result.


  • Rashmi Gupta

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