Ann Bruttell and Gretchen White

Recorded October 4, 2022 Archived October 4, 2022 01:07:58
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One Small Step conversation partners Ann Bruttell (69) and Gretchen White (66) talk about their similar paths in life and how they diverged, moving away from home and how President Nixon and the Watergate scandal influenced their lives.

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- Gretchen talks about serving on the Parks & Rec commission.
- Ann talks about moving to Washington DC during the Watergate scandal.
- Ann talks about working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
- Gretchen talks about how President Nixon and the Watergate Scandal influenced her personal politics.
- Ann talks about politicians being forced to take positions they don't actually believe.
- Ann talks about being discriminated against because she was a woman running a small business.


  • Ann Bruttell
  • Gretchen White

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