Anna Sommer and Gitte Sommer

Recorded February 16, 2020 Archived February 16, 2020 39:42 minutes
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Gitte Sommer (51) asks her daughter Anna Olivia Sommer (18) about the "creation" of her roots in life, as well as the development of her "wings." They talk about Anna's experiences with writing, modeling, karate, and art and discuss what the future holds for her at Barnard College in the fall.

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AOS talks about her Danish roots and how she has established herself in the United States.
AOS shares how GS has influenced her.
AOS talks about her writing.
AOS compares how she felt as a child to how she felt once she started modeling.
AOS reflects on how she has been raised.
AOS talks about attending Barnard College in the fall.
AOS distinguishes between two Danish terms, dannelse and uddannelse.
AOS reads poems GS brought to show her.
AOS talks about Danish foods she likes.


  • Anna Sommer (b. 2001)
  • Gitte Sommer (b. 1968)

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