Anna Wermuth and Amy Brooks

Recorded June 28, 2023 Archived June 28, 2023 29:24 minutes
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Anna Wermuth (26) talks to her friend and mentor Amy Brooks (62) about motherhood, chosen family, and making something beautiful out of something ugly.

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Anna (AW) asks Amy (AB) to share a "ridiculous memory" at Colorado College.
AB shares what she has learned from AW.
AB says, "Good things are worth the wait."
AW asks AB how to know when you are ready to be a mother.
AW talks about passing down family trauma.
AB asks AW about her hand accident.
AW and AB discuss how they have reparented themselves.
AB shares a recent experience with her mother.
AW tells AB how she has modeled good parenting.


  • Anna Wermuth
  • Amy Brooks

Recording Locations

Plaza of the Rockies