Anne Eliason and Sophia Eliason

Recorded September 9, 2022 Archived September 9, 2022 40:12 minutes
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Mother and daughter Anne Eliason (44) and Sophia Eliason (17) discuss Sophia’s childhood, her coming out as a trans girl, and how her life has changed since.

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SE speaks about her trans identity.
SE speaks about how she came to know that she is trans.
AE expresses pride in SE and they discuss her musical theater career.
SE speaks about the impact of being cast as male characters despite being a girl.
AE recalls SE's unhappiness prior to coming out.
SE describes her family and shares the impetus of her coming out.
AE recalls SE's coming out from her perspective.
AE shares a story about when her close friend came out as gay during her teenage years.
AE describes the moment she realized that SE is trans.
SE recalls how she felt immediately after coming out to her mother.
AE speaks about the significance of Mama Dragons in her life.
SE describes how her life changed after coming out.
SE shares the story behind her name.
Participants share closing thoughts.


  • Anne Eliason
  • Sophia Eliason

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Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

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