Anne Guyon and Kathryn McMahon

Recorded November 12, 2022 Archived November 12, 2022 49:39 minutes
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One Small Step partners Anne Guyon (60) and Kathryn McMahon (69) discuss their religious beliefs, the political divisiveness within the United States, and their differing personal experiences.

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KM shares why she became a Deacon in the Episcopal church.
AG talks about her family’s immigration story.
KM and AG consider how the current political divisiveness in the USA might be remedied.
KM is asked by AG if she feels respect for the atheist in her family.
KM and AG consider when they have felt troubled by those who have similar beliefs as them and how they communicate those beliefs.
KM and AG both describe their older brother and acknowledge them as the most influential people in their lives.
M and AG discuss the local and global issues that concern them.
KM and AG discuss the recent demonstrations done for climate change defacing famous pieces of art.
K talks about her conflicts between being liberal and religious. Her conflicts internally lie with LGBTQ community.
KM ask AG if she feels she can make a difference in the world.
AG retells the story of when she was 10 and claimed herself to be an "atheist, a democrat, and a feminist."


  • Anne Guyon
  • Kathryn McMahon

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