Anti-stretch marks oils during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, our body is manhandled. The belly swells over the months, the skin stretches again and again ... But the elasticity has its limits. Among the discomforts most feared by future mothers, there are also Stretch Marks, purple streaks that can appear on the stomach, thighs or hips. Difficult to fight these ugly marks once installed, so it is better to prevent their appearance as soon as possible. Today, there is a multitude of anti-stretch mark creams specially dedicated to pregnant women. But in recent years, a new trend is emerging: care oils. AT

why use an oil rather than a cream when waiting for a baby? "Unlike cream, the oil does not contain water, so it penetrates the skin more easily," says Carole André, perfumer, formulator and expert at L'Observatoire des Cosmétiques. "The more you apply a fatty substance on your skin, the more you promote its flexibility and strengthens its elasticity," says the specialist.
But how to choose an anti-stretch mark oil?
First, make sure it is a vegetable oil. Beware of mineral oils (the famous paraffin) that are derived from petroleum and present in many cosmetics. Attention also to essential oils that should not be applied directly pure to the skin and which, for some, are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Choose a pure vegetable oil, virgin and preferably organic, to eliminate the risk of contamination by toxic pesticides. All vegetable oils have active ingredients and a different texture. To prevent stretch marks, we prefer the sweet almond oil, avocado, rose hip. In comparison, argan oil is interesting to fight against aging skin, shea oil for hydration of hair.
If you choose a special anti-stretch mark oil for pregnant women, make sure that the oil is composed exclusively of ingredients of natural origin. In any case, the practical recommendations do not change. Anti stretch mark oil is used from the first months of pregnancy, massage, ideally morning and evening.
The top 3 oils for pregnancy
Stretch Mark Care Oil, Elancyl
New in the range of care for future mothers, this care oil offers a double action prevention and reduction of stretch marks. Dermatologists observed a reduction in nascent stretch marks in 98% of women. This treatment is 99% natural ingredients and combines evening primrose oil, safflower oil (source of omega 6) and camelina oil (rich in omega 3). We like the dry touch and the ease of application, as well as the choice of "fragrance free".
Indicative price: € 21.80
Stretch Mark Care Oil, Mustela
This rich and naturally dry oil is composed of a cocktail of 3 precious oils: pomegranate seed oil, rose hip oil and baobab oil. We like its texture that does not stick and is quickly absorbed by the skin. Mustela Care Oil has been awarded for 2013-2014 beauty wins.
Indicative price: € 14.90
Stretch marks massage oil, Weleda
This is a classic that we always recommend. Weleda massage oil is composed of sweet almond oil, organic jojoba and wheat germ. Applied in regular massages, from the beginning of pregnancy, it helps limit the appearance of stretch marks. This oil is very effective and penetrates quickly, but its texture remains quite fat.
Indicative price: € 14.75


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