Armida Huerta and Jim Candelaria

Recorded October 26, 2022 Archived October 26, 2022 01:11:13 minutes
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One Small Step partners Jim Candelaria (62) and Armida Huerta (56) share a conversation about their family histories and the roots of their political beliefs.

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AH discusses the divisiveness she sees in present-day culture.
JC talks about his firefighter training and how it allows him to treat everyone equally.
AH recalls growing up in San Francisco and the Bay Area.
JC talks about his love of horseback riding.
JC remembers his father and the values his father taught him.
AH talks about the impact her father and grandmother had on her.
AH and JC discuss the value of self-forgiveness and learning as you grow older.
JC says that he is a Republican in a family of Democrats.
JC discusses why he identifies with the values of the Republican party.
AH talks about her political evolution and says she is now questioning political affiliation and political parties more.
AH and JC say they are both troubled by the divisiveness they see.


  • Armida Huerta
  • Jim Candelaria

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