Asha Immanuelle and Gbolade Okestra Soneyin

Recorded May 31, 2022 Archived May 31, 2022 51:41 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners, Asha Immanuelle (48) and Gbolade Okestra Soneyin (43), speak about their lives, religion, and the state of affairs in the world today.

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Asha Immanuelle shares her life story with Okestra Soneyin.
Okestra Soneyin shares his life story with Asha Immanuelle.
Asha is amused that both of them were born to fathers who were married to other women with families.
Okestra speaks about his grandparents and the diverse religious beliefs within his family.
Asha shares that her father was Muslim and his wife was Jewish so she has an older Jewish sister.
Asha speaks about her MS diagnosis and her twin's death from the disease.
Okestra asks Asha about being religious, queer, and Black and if she has support.
Asha shares that built a new network to support her connection to "source."
Okestra shares his thoughts about gay marriage.
Okestra asks Asha about abortion and her perspective from her work as a labor and delivery nurse.
Asha asks Okestra his opinion. He shared that he doesn't believe women are cavalier about the decision.


  • Asha Immanuelle
  • Gbolade Okestra Soneyin

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