Ashley Choker and Ngoc Sharp

Recorded July 12, 2023 Archived July 12, 2023 37:10 minutes
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Ashley Choker (38) interviews her friend and colleague, Ngoc “Kat” Sharp (46), about her challenges in life and her journey to recovery. Kat shares her experience dealing with addiction and homelessness, as well as her experience getting back on her feet again.

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Ashley Choker (A) shares how she met Ngoc “Kat” Sharp (K).
Kat (K) describes her childhood. She says she came to the United States when she was two years old. Her mother is Vietnamese and her father is Chinese, so she identifies as Asian American.
K says she started attending a predominantly white school in middle school. She became the victim of severe bullying and adopted self-isolation as a coping mechanism.
K describes her teenage years. She characterizes this period as one of loneliness, sadness, and the probable onset of her depression. She recalls acting out during these years.
K shares that she became a mother as a teenager. She feels her depression was made worse by postpartum depression.
K talks about the support she had during this time period.
K remembers considering giving her son up for adoption. After this, her father became much more supportive and involved with her son.
K shares that, in battling depression, she turned to addictive substances. She claims her and her husband enabled each other.
K adds that she became involved with the criminal justice system in her thirties.
K tells A how she found her way to Kalamazoo, Michigan. K describes living out of a car with her husband.
K recalls her first interaction with the local police and experience with homelessness.
K describes how she was able to get back on her feet. She maintains that she is in lifelong recovery. She is in the process of obtaining a degree in social work.
K reflects on being reunited with her children.


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