"At that moment, I realize the benefit of what science can do around us." an interview with Atanas Dommo

Recorded March 15, 2019 Archived March 15, 2019 19:07 minutes
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Atanas Dommo shares his experiences as a Ph.D. student from Cameroon Africa. He discusses how his desire to learn more inspired him to pursue a career in the sciences. His speaks of his passion and motivation for understanding our changing planet. Atanas shares his challenges of being a student and researcher and reflects on how collaboration is the key. Not only to learn more but the importance of coming together to solve challenges. He reflects on the future of science in Africa and the possibilities of discoveries yet to be found. Atanas ends the interview speaking frankly about what it is needed to persevere in the field and life. (Recorded 28 January 2019)


  • Atanas Dommo
  • Felicita Wight
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