Scott Davis and Yvette Davis

Recorded June 7, 2016 Archived June 7, 2016 39:36 minutes
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Colon cancer survior Scott Davis (52) and his wife Yvette Capris Davis (49) speak about how the cancer diagnosis and treatment affected their marriage and their life, why they came to CTCA for treatment and how volunteering at CTCA helps him cope.

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SD speaks with YCD about how the cancer diagnosis changed their life and how they don't take anything for granted anymore
YCD and SD talk about their journey getting to CTCA
SD speaks about his depression during treatment and how you can't stop fighting. He speaks of the challenges faced during treatment: loosing weight, chemo, not being able to taste food and the surgery
SD and YCD talk about their marriage and what makes their marriage work. This is the second marriage for both.
SC and YCD speak about their belief in God
SC and YCD talk about regrets during the treatment and how they wished they'd asked more questions
SC and YCD talk about why they picked CTCA, their experience there
SC talks about his volunteer activities at CTCA with other cancer patients


  • Scott Davis (b. 1964)
  • Yvette Davis (b. 1967)

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Cancer Treatment Center of America at Southeastern Regional Medical Center

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