Darlene Lodge and Lynn Payne

Recorded November 12, 2009 Archived November 12, 2009 01:18:04
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Darlene Lodge, 80, talks with her daughter, Lynn Payne, 56, about growing up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa during the Depression and about her marriages to Lynn’s father and to Donald Lodge.

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Darlene born in Cedar Rapids, IA
Darlene recalls her earliest memories
Darlene recalls a special Christmas
Three of Darlene’s grandparents born in Bohemia
Darlene’s father attends automotive school in Kansas City
Darlene recalls her uncle Neprash who attended Columbia University
Darlene recalls her first husband, Carroll Payne
Darlene receives social work degree
Darlene recalls why she and her family had to leave Birmingham, AL


  • Darlene Lodge
  • Lynn Payne

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