Austin Laufersweiler and Maru Gonzalez

Recorded January 9, 2010 Archived January 9, 2010 37:28 minutes
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Austin Laufersweiler, 18, talks with school counselor, Maru Gonzalez, 26, about Austin’s advocacy work for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning and queer youth in his high school. Austin was named the student advocate of the year for his work to prevent homophobic bullying. Austin discusses coming out and how his Catholic faith impacted his coming out process.

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Austin recalls meeting Maru at Lassiter High School
Austin named school advocate of the year
Austin spearheaded Safe Space training
Austin describes the value of Safe Space training
Austin discusses challenges he encounters in his advocacy work
Austin describes changes he has seen at his school as a result of the gay straight alliance
Maru notes, “Tolerance does not seek justice”
Austin describes coming out and how he no longer feels Catholic
Austin offers advice to educators
Austin offers advice and encouragement to other GLBTQ youth
Maru says educators tend to underestimate youth


  • Austin Laufersweiler
  • Maru Gonzalez

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