Kate Freeman and Kim Banker

Recorded January 14, 2010 Archived January 14, 2010 38:42 minutes
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Kate Freeman (52) talks with her niece Kim Banker (36) about Kate’s Navy service, the 18 months she spent in Botswana serving in the Peace Corps, and how her Peace Corps experiences changed her. Kate now wants to go back to Washington, DC and “help Obama.”

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While Kate was working for the Department of Defense, she participated in anti-war protests on the weekends
Kate joined Peace Corps and was assigned to Botswana
President of Botswana credits Peace Corps volunteer with him becoming president
African societies are “being” societies while America is a “doing” society
Kate brought home dog, PAZ, from Botswana
Kate’s mother assured her she and her late father would be with Kate in Africa - Kate’s mother died before Kate left for Botswana
Kate has a scary encounter with a “bad-boon” (baboon)
Kate is a vegetarian and learned how to say, “I don’t eat meat” in her new language
Voting for Barack Obama seemed to bring the legacy of her southern roots full circle to Kate


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