Kanti Gandhi, Nayana Gandhi, and Tejal Gandhi

Recorded November 26, 2010 Archived November 26, 2010 37:16 minutes
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Kanti (72) and Nayana (71) Gandhi are coming upon their 50th wedding anniversary. Today, they tell their daughter Tejal (42) about growing up in small Indian towns, entering into a love marriage between castes, and the value of family and education.

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Kanti and Nayana remember how they first met in the town of Navsari and didn’t speak to each other, and then meeting again during college in Baroda. They talk about dating in the city.
Kanti and Nayana talk about deciding to get married, even though their parents hadn’t arranged their marriage and they were of different castes. They talk about what they’ve learned from being married.
Nayana and Kanti remember the most influential people in their lives and how they have now influenced their children.
Kanti remembers sneaking to see a movie at the movie theater without paying, and the interaction he had with his uncle afterwards.
Kanti talks about his decision to come to the US and to become an engineer. He remembers his first meals--fried eggs and toast and a beef hamburger.
Nayana talks about the excitement of coming to the USA and how surprised she was that New Yorkers knew so little about India. Kanti talks about experiencing things in real life that he’d seen in movies set in New York.
Kanti and Nayana talk about how their lives are different from what they expected.
Nayana and Kanti talk about raising children and what their advice to their children is on raising their own.
Kanti talks about the difference education made in his wife’s life, and how important it is to him that his daughter be even better educated.


  • Kanti Gandhi
  • Nayana Gandhi
  • Tejal Gandhi

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