Andrea Smith and Audrey Galex

Recorded May 19, 2011 Archived May 19, 2011 01:21:42
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Two friends Andrea Kay Smith and Audrey Galex (52) who are both active in Atlanta’s inter-faith community speak about Andrea Kay Smith’s religious experience. After having lost faith as a teen, Andrea has been called by GOD three times.

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As a teen Andrea lost her faith in God
Single parenthood brought back faith
Concept of God found in nature
“Spark of GOD” inside of me
Andrea feels that she has been “called by God” three times.
The first time she was called by God during the race riots in the 1960s.
Belief in Angels
Audrey shares a Jewish prayer of Thanksgiving


  • Andrea Smith
  • Audrey Galex

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Atlanta Storybooth

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