Henry Smithers and Roxann Smithers

Recorded May 24, 2016 Archived May 24, 2016 39:02 minutes
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Roxann Smithers (39) interviews her father Henry Smithers (68) about his childhood in West Virginia, his time serving in Vietnam, and his 33-year career as a truck driver.

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Roxann (R) asks Henry (H) what it was like growing up in Lovern, West Virginia.
R asks H why and when he left West Virginia for Ohio.
R asks H about his feelings being drafted.
H describes a prayer meeting his grandmother had before he left for Vietnam.
H describes where he served in Vietnam....Da Nang, Hue, and Quang Tri. He arrived in 1969 and returned home in 1971.
H describes flying into Quang Tri and his experiences there being under fire early in his tour.
H describes his time in Hue, his work there, and living in a villa.
H talks about his time working with his fellow US servicemen helping North Vietnamese refugees.
R asks H how it was coming home. He says it was so quiet.
H talks about his decision to become a truck driver and his 33 years in that career.
H talks about his desire to sit still and watch TV after 33 years on the road.
R asks H what H would have done if he hadn't been a trucker.
H says the biggest lesson he has learned is patience.


  • Roxann Smithers (b. 1977)
  • Henry Smithers (b. 1948)

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Atlanta History Center

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