Sarah Burke and John Burke

Recorded September 15, 2018 Archived September 15, 2018 35:26 minutes
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Husband and Wife, John Burke (40) and Sarah Burke (37), talk about Sarah's role as Step-Mom to John's Sons, Noah and Eli, and how they make their blended family work.

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00:41 John Burke (40) was a single parent of two boys when he met his Wife, Sarah Burke (37), at church. Sarah's first thought was that John would be a good dad. Once Sarah began spending time alone with the boys, her parental feelings towards them occurred naturally.

4:30 Sarah did have second thoughts about becoming a step-mom when Noah scraped his knee and would not accept her attempts to comfort him. She worried that the children would not accept her.

10:07 Single parenting was hard for John. He was tired all of the time. He was grateful to find someone that wanted to participate in all of the parental duties with him.

17:50 A benefit of being a blended family is that John and Sarah do not have the kids all of the time. There is built-in childcare so they have free time and date nights.

20:49 Sarah has made an effort to get to know Eli and Noah as two unique individuals.

26:18 Sarah enjoys traditions. She has successfully implemented the Hump Day tradition with Eli and Noah. Hump Day (Wednesday) is the day of the week when they get treats like sweets that are usually off limits.

30:55 As a step-mom, Sarah has made a choice to love someone else's children. John says Sarah attacks her role with bravery, honesty, humility and sacrifice on a daily basis. He acknowledges that Sarah has the harder job.


  • Sarah Burke (b. 1981)
  • John Burke (b. 1978)

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Atlanta History Center

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