Jerry Cullum and Edward Hall

Recorded July 2, 2019 Archived July 2, 2019 43:11 minutes
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Professional colleagues, Edward "Ed" Hall (57) and Dr. Jerry Cullum (73), have a conversation about Jerry's education, most notably his Master's degree in religious studies. Jerry also talks about his professional career as an art critic, editor, and poet in terms of a series of happy accidents.

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3:22 Jerry Cullum talks about being from Sanford, Florida. He says Sanford is now known for the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.

6:54 Jerry talks about his degrees in religious studies and the humanities. He says he taught himself the visual arts after earning his PhD.

11:00 Jerry talks about being a writer and proofreader for Art Papers Magazine. Jerry says he has also worked as a freelance writer for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

17:41 Jerry talks about the kind of art that, growing up, was in his family's home. He says college exposed him to artists like Jackson Pollock and Franz Kafka, and that it came as a tremendous shock.

25:37 Jerry remembers the first poem he sold to Poetry Magazine in Chicago. He says that once he started writing art criticism, he did not have time to pursue publishing.

34:00 Jerry talks about interviewing Jacques Derrida for the 10th anniversary of Art Papers Magazine.

38:14 Jerry says he has several essays from the early to mid 1990s that he believes are his most important contributions to art history.


  • Jerry Cullum (b. 1946)
  • Edward Hall (b. 1961)

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Atlanta History Center

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