Erett Falkie and J. David Dunagan

Recorded September 21, 2019 Archived September 21, 2019 38:00 minutes
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Erett Falkie (58) speaks with his friend of over 40 years J. David Dunagan (64) about his life growing up gay in Appalachia in the early eighties.

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1:00 David reads some information about his life working for the forest service in Marion, VA.
3:50 Erett speaks about knowing at 7 or 8 that he wasn't like other people
7:09 David asks Erett what was it like being in the closet in Souther Appalachia
8:10 Erett interviewed for a work study job in the summer of 1981
10:40 Erett shares his thoughts about David after they begin working together
15:01 David speaks about Erett "coming out" to him
16:04 Erett mentions wanting to end his life and that he's been sober for almost 30 years.
19:08 David asks Erett about their trip to Gatlinburg and the job he got at Ober Gatlinburg ski resort
22:05 Erett speaks about his first trip to the beach the Outer Banks in North Carolina
30:05 Erett was outed to his parents by his sister Naomi
36:01 David says that getting Erett out of Marion, Va was the bravest most consequential thing he's ever done


  • Erett Falkie (b. 1961)
  • J. David Dunagan (b. 1955)

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Atlanta History Center

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