Autumn Fuernisen and Londen Tabor

Recorded April 30, 2021 Archived April 29, 2021 41:34 minutes
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Autumn Fuernisen (15) and her mother, Londen Tabor (38), talk about how Huntington's disease has impacted their family, first with the death of Autumn's father, and then with Autumn's diagnosis of Juvenile Huntington's Disease. Autumn and Londen talk about activities they enjoy doing together, like making TikToks about their lives, and share about how they advocate for those with Huntington's Disease through coordinating color runs.

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LT talks about why she wanted to record with AT.
AT talks about her current interest at school, cheerleading.
AT talks about her butterfly house, a "she-shed" in their backyard where she raises butterflies. She talks about her new tradition celebrating Christmas in the butterfly house.
LT talks about AT's father, who died from Huntington's Disease. She remembers getting AT tested for Juvenile Huntington's Disease.
AT talks about voice banking, which is when she records her voice so that if she can no longer talk in the future, her voice-to-text will be in her voice.
AT and LT talk about their roles as activists for the Huntington Disease community. They talk about coordinating color runs to raise money.
AT remembers her dad and her favorite thing to do with him: play Bingo.
AT and LT talk about their TikTok and how they have been able to connect more with the HD and JHD community. They discuss the support they have received on TikTok, as well as the growth of the hashtag, #JHD, on TikTok.
LT talks about her husband, Chris, and the support she receives from him. She talks about plans for the future for herself and her family.


  • Autumn Fuernisen
  • Londen Tabor

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