Avery Walkoviak interviews her grandfather about growing up on a farm and their family heritage.

Recorded December 4, 2019 Archived December 4, 2019 34:19 minutes
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This interview took place in Eugene, Oregon on November 29th. Avery Walkoviak (13) interviewed her grandfather Larry Walkoviak (67) about growing up on a farm as a son of a Catholic Polish immigrant. Larry shares about his family on his father's side and about their move from Poland to a small town in Texas to live on a farm. Larry also talks about living for the first 6 years of his life in the city before moving to Anderson, Texas to live on a farm again. He talks about growing up Catholic and having other family members as very important Priests. Larry also talks about his journey from wanting to be a baseball player as a profession, to becoming an agricultural engineer.


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