Ayla Wingnut Andersen and Erin Houge

Recorded June 13, 2020 Archived June 13, 2020 37:45 minutes
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Ayla Andersen [no age given] talks with her mother, Erin "Stacy" Houge (41), about the loss of Ayla's father, Damien, as a baby and the impact that has had on her life. The two talk about Stacy's relationship with Damien and Ayla's relationship with her husband, Martin.

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AA remembers the first time she asked SH about what happened to her father.
AA talks about instances in her childhood when she wanted to be able to see her father.
SH reflects on her experience parenting AA by herself.
SH talks about her choice to make sure AA had access to birth control as a teenager.
AA talks about her husband, Martin. She remembers when Martin's mother died and how that affected their relationship.
SH shares memories of when she met Damien, AA's father.
AA talks about what she sees for herself in the future.


  • Ayla Wingnut Andersen (b. 2000)
  • Erin Houge (b. 1978)

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