Barbara Churray and David Crook

Recorded August 24, 2023 Archived August 24, 2023 56:28 minutes
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One Small Step partner's Barbara Churray (71) and David Crook (54) discuss their beloved city of Wichita, the impact faith has had on their politics, and the joy of being a grandparent.

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Barbara Churray and David Crook shares what brought them to a One Small Step conversation.
Barbara shares her first memory of questioning American government.
David discusses going to Kansas University and being confronted with various political perspectives for the first time.
David and Barbara discuss what they've had to "unlearn" from their upbringing.
David tells the story of Pride Week at KU.
Barbara shares how she balances being pro-life and liberal.
Barbara shares how she ended up in Wichita.
David and Barbara discuss grandparenthood and their fears for the future.
The pair share what they'll remember from today's conversation.


  • Barbara Churray
  • David Crook

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