Barbara J. Bird and Mark C Bird

Recorded December 7, 2022 Archived December 7, 2022 40:19 minutes
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Mother and son Barbara J. Bird (82) and Mark C Bird (62) share a conversation about Barbara's memories from growing up, her family, and her schooling.

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Barbara Bird (BB) talks about being born in Golden Eagle, Illinois.
BB remembers her family expanding their restaurant and bar business.
BB reflects on her appreciation for her mother.
BB remembers growing up surrounded by rivers.
Mark Bird (MB) asks BB about her grandparents.
BB talks about her relationship with her sisters growing up.
BB remembers attending boarding school.
BB talks about meeting MB's father while taking a math class at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.
MB remembers going on a hitchhiking trip with his father at age four.


  • Barbara J. Bird
  • Mark C Bird

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